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Roy Ronalds Programming
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Frontend Interaction
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In a sentence, I code strong and stable php websites from server to database to visuals and beyond.

I have build complex web applications for the web since 2003. I starting out working on the browser based ninja game NinjaWars.net in php and mysql, transitioning it to postgresql, html5, a templating system, and making a long list of other improvements over the years. Since then I have worked individually and with teams on a variety of other projects, including web applications in React.js, a PHP/MySQL-based CMS system, technological modernization of an existing organization, most recently Ellucian, Aquinas Learning, Sherman Brothers Shoes and now Roy Ronalds Programming.

I specialize in technology consultation, including web programming, creating websites from the ground-up, or recreating them where they already exist but need some love. Two of my focuses in this arena are: Security & Speed.

Security is paramount. Speed is critical.

Security is paramount.

I have seen too many sites burned by bad coding practices and with their client or employee data under attack as a result. I have done a lot of security cleanup work on sites that were coded by programmers without any oversight, which resulted in compromised databases and a site that -looked- fine but was full of security holes. Generally one of the first things that I do with a site is review it's password security for the presence of strong cryptography, often a pain point with naively programmed php websites that leads to problems. I am happy to code in Object Oriented style through Functional Programming style, I'm flexible, especially in the case of existing legacy website codebases.

Speed is critical.

To a large extent, speed is the first step to a good user experience, especially for users with slow connections or older browsers. Similarly, a level of simplicity and hierarchy to what a customer/client sees is important, to naturally lead them to the core content of the website, whether that is selling products or words. And in this day & age, having the site be usable and simple for clarity on different mobile devices and browsers is important to reach a broader audience. To achieve this I focus on building a site that is able to progressively degrade, still working without javascript or flash, still working without html5 or css3.

Overall, I generally enjoy the creative nature of building useful websites, and the challenge of writing solid and secure application code as a foundation.


Below are a variety of projects that BitLucid has worked on in the past as well as currently ongoing projects.

Current Public Projects

  1. Flagship project: Coding the new features of Ninjawars.net & support for a few thousand users a month for approximately 10 years.

  2. Coding, refactoring, & subcontracting work on the shermanbrothers.com website project and maintenance of it's infastructure

  3. Revision of tershronalds.com to turn it into an editable website using laravel as a backend, and redesigning it using a fresh starting responsive template.

  4. Work on various open source application projects on github

Past Projects

  1. Programming work on the ZD-CMS content management system and network of client sites.

  2. Design work on the zeedesigns website

  3. Backend programming work on the Sungard HE summit registration site

  4. Website security: Cross-Site-Scripting security audit & site hardening project for a realty firm's website

  5. Website security: Cross-Site-Scripting security audit & site hardening project for an academy's website

  6. Created the infrastructure and implemented the design of Steve Passin & Associates website (not yet online)

  7. Some work on charityeventcenter.org to expand on it's principles and turn it into a charity-focused cms using cmsmadesimple as a backend.

  8. Other sites that I have coded/designed for: smartypaws.com, nevadadbe.com, labyrinthsociety.org, Virgin Valley Water District, some work on an older version of usn.edu

Roy Ronalds Rate Card

I specialize in secure web applications, built from the server up for speed and ease of use both for your clients and for you.

Initial Site Speed or Code System Analysis free

Project Initialization

Website Type Cost
Custom PHP Web-Application starting at $500
Single Page Website/Application starting at $240
10 Page Website starting at $800
Dynamic CMS / Wordpress/ Infinite-Page Website starting at $1000
E-commerce/Commercial Products Website starting at $2000

Existing Website Improvements

Service Fee
Website Speed Optimization $50/hr
Website Error Fixes & Visual Fixes $40/hr
Custom Redesign of your Website $45/hr, $150 minimum
Website Visual redesign based on pre-existing theme $40/hr, $120 minimum
Initial Codebase and Database Backup $100
Company Email System Administration $25 per month
Social Networking Setup & Website Integration $25/hr
Security Analysis & Code Security Audit $40 per 1000 lines of code

Core Services

Service Fee
Website Hosting for simple sites: $20 per month
Wordpress Hosting basic: $40 per month
A Fast, Dedicated host on Amazon Web Services™ about $100 per month
PHP Developer Junior $40/hr,
Mid $55/hr,
Senior $80/hr
Javascript Developer Junior $40/hr,
Mid $60/hr,
Senior $95/hr
Senior Engineer/System Architect $120/hr
Data Entry $15/hr
Site Monitoring and Automatic Alerts $10 per month

Emergency Services

After-Hour Emergency Security or Outage Response $150/hr

Strategy Services

  • Software Architecture, Business Strategic Consulting, Online Revenue Improvement Consulting, Advertising & Maximizing Ad Efficiency

Other Services

  • Google Adwords Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Development of Order Processing Webapps, Automation of your workflow
We list our hourly rates for different tasks here, but I are happy to negotiate on package prices for projects longer than two weeks. Our minimum for any new-client project is $240. For new clients with short projects I generally request 50% down & 50% upon completion. For larger or longer projects just talk to us about arranging other payment schedules.